How to set Bitcopy & Bybit

Bitcopy is the service that provide copy trade, not exchange service nor wallet. You

can’t deposit or transfer to Bitcopy account.

If you make an account on our partner exchange service, and connect Bitcopy, and

copy trade service start.

For example, I explain how to connect Bybit.


At first, please access to and click “

Please input log in information.


Name→Your name

Email→Your e mail address


Confirm Password→Input password again, and push Sign up.

After that, please put the check on the checkbox and push “Sign up” please.

After push “Sign up”, you will get the mail from Bitcopy.

Please push verify on the mail.

After that, you can log in on Bitcopy by the address and password that you set.

Account setting To connect Bybit

To start copy trade, you need to connect Bybit account on Bitcopy.

After log in Bitcopy, please click “Account”, and “+New Account”.


Exchange User ID→UID on Bybit

Exchange Email→The mail address that you used in Bybit.

Exchange API Key→You can get on Bybit(Please confirm as below)

Exchange Secret Key→You can get on Bybit(Please confirm as below)

1. How to get API key and Secret Key.

Open “Account&Security” and click “API Management”, and “create new key”.

If so, you can confirm the screen as below.

Choice the ”Binding to a Third Party Application”

Application Name→Bitcopy

Key Permission→“Active Order and

And please input Google Authenticator 2FA token.

Add API record as below.

You can confirm all input item, so please save after input.

Finish to add account on Bitcopy.

This is the how to connect on Bitcopy.

And next, I explain how to follow the copy trader.

Please click “Ranking”

After click, you can confirm many traders.

You can follow any product, whatever.

For example, click the “Johnson,B”

After the choice, you will move the detail of the product page as below.

You can confirm the history of the trader.

The “Size” is the amount of the trade.

You should confirm this indormation when you follow the product and the lot ratio.

If you want to copy this product, please click “Follow”.

After that, you can set lot ratio.

You can set how times trade from master trade as bellow.

After the setting, you can click “Follow” to start copy trade.

For example, this pic set 0.1 time amount from master trade.

And if you choice 1.0*, just same amount from master trade.

That’s all how to follow trade on Bitcopy.

If you click “Following”, you can stop following copy trade.

And you can confirm product list on Ranking page.

If you click “Follow” or “Following”, you can set to start or stop copy trading.

That’s all, thanks.

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